Friday, December 9, 2011

Crochet Loom

So, while browsing through Micheal's the other day, and I found something that intreged me.

A loom.

So I bought it, and bought some new yarn and away I went.

After watching a few video's on YouTube, I caught the hang of it and I was done with a scarf in less than a few hours total. I couldn't believe it.

When I worked on my scarf and did the broomstick stictch, it took forever! But I was done with this in little to no time.

Now I am on scarf number two, anyone need one!? LoL.

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Home Made Book Mark

Pinterest has captured my attention and now I can add that to my addiction list.

They gave me the idea of making a book mark out of paint sample swatches you can get from Wal-Mart.
So away I went.

It's just a tester.

My cat, Victoria, got a hold of it and now it does not have that last light pink color anymore.
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Soul Journaling Day 7 & 8

I did this a little out of order due to being at work and not having all of my supplies with me. Sarah asked us to turn to the next blank page in your journal and using a ball point pen, fill in both pages in small writing. She asked us to use the prompt, "I forgot to tell you..." which was actually quite interesting for me. I found it very easy to voice what I was actually feeling at the moment knowing that I was going to gesso and tape over all of it.
I didn't find it difficult to fill in the two massive white pages.

Once I was finished writing, I taped over both pages with my different kinds of tape but I left a little bit of writing uncovered. Nothing too revealing, however. :)

I then put one layer of gesso on the page. While I was smoothing the tape down, one of the pages ripped off the binding so I tapped it back in, hence the black and white tape. I didn't feel like covering it, so I didn't!

The next step was to cover the pages in a darker shade of paint, which I did.

My pages don't look exactly like Sarah's, but I think it will be okay, since you can still see some writing and tape.

I also did a few steps from day's 5, 6 and 9!

After painting the page a dark color, she gave us a "treasure hunt" list of sorts. She had us find several things in any magazine. I don't remember the exact number of items, but I threw in a few more things because my pages seem to be bigger then what she is working with.

After gluing the pictures down, she asked that we go over with a lighter color, which I chose yellow, not thinking they would blend (duh) to green.

I am not finished with either of these pages yet!!

I love how she has things spread out, and I am on my own time. Everything looks different after a few days away! Pin It