Saturday, September 8, 2012

I've Been Busy Today!

This morning I woke up after about 6 hours of sleep...which was good since I haven't been sleeping at all. I was feeling excited with these classes I'm taking with Jane Davenport and this book I am working through. I am working a little out of order but this was the first home work challenge. I am not finished with it. Right now it is just a gessoed page in my composition journal with torn tissue paper.

The homework challenge is simply gesso and texture with recording the process. I have the gesso and a bit of texture down but I am still not 100% sure what I want to do. Jane used one stencil with a bunch of different medias to see how each one reacted to the paper and gesso and then drew a face over the top of that with a quick little quote. I am more indecisive then she, so I haven't quite gotten down what I want to do.

I began the second week for colored pencils and I was surprised to see that Jane had included drawing faces and her secret technique to drawing bodies! Watching her videos, and watching her work, I kept thinking, "I'm going to try...but I doubt that I am going to get my work any where close to how amazing Jane is." Once the videos were done, I took a deep breathe and drew. My first face following Jane...

Even I was impressed! I mean, it isn't perfect, but nothing really is. And if know me, you know that I have been wanting to draw like none other but I have never really had the confidence to challenge and concur. Comparing my first face drawing to this drawing from Jane's class...I am so excited that I enrolled!!

First Face Drawing - No Pencil, No Erases.

I have also been working through a book called, "You Can Draw in 30 Days," by Mark Kistler. I am not really trying to learn in a certain period of time but flipping through the book in the store, I could tell that it was already better then most books I have encountered. It is also a lot more reader friendly. Each subject is broken up into "lessons" and the author isn't a drone. Very easy read. I have already completed the first two lessons. This picture is just the second lesson.

Again, not perfect, but it's a start. And it is a better start then what I originally had in mind.

I feel like I am well on my way!!

Happy Journaling!!

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  1. AWESOME!! I'm happy you're getting what you hoped to out of the class!! I thought you would. :)

  2. I am, thank you so much for your help and support Rachel. You are truly an amazing person, all around.